Hole In One Competition

To Enter the hole in one competition it will cost £8 per player per year due before or on the 1st Venue, if a player gets a hole in one then the pot starts again and each player pay in £8, If no player gets a hole in one then the prize fund rolls on to the following year.

Dave Thawley£8
Chris Dryden£8
Andy Parkes£8
Gary Walker£8
Sean Caves£8
Paul Altree£8
Ben Rose£8
Adam Selby£8
Richard Goodall£8
Rick Ratcliffe£8
Rob FieldsEnd£8
Andy Batty£8
Paul Hampshire£8
Ade Green£8
Shayne Youle£8
Lee Betton£8
Andy Ward£8
Tommy Worstenhome£8
Kevin Deehan£8